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Rabbithole Day: A Distant State
I've been following the debate over Moonlandia this week. I think President Gingrich makes some decent arguments for admission. Of course he has to try and get the moonbase admitted to the Union as the 51st state; after all, he did run with that as a campaign promise. But in all honesty, they're certainly a separate and distinct territory with their own unique interests, they're already largely self-autonomous, and making them part of America decreases the chances that they'll just become their own nation. It kind of makes sense.

I don't know about this business about admitting them as a slave state, though. I mean, sure, if those loonies want to own human clones because it's the only economically feasible way to mine the regolith, that's not something I'm going to oppose. Gingrich has given us eight long years of prosperity, and I'm not going to buck him just because of some fleeting ethical sentimentality. But we've already seen how disruptive that can be to the national balance of power. Now we have the Undersea Modular Laboratory people clamoring to be admitted as the 52nd state, and they'll allow their clones to vote, and their votes will count for pi divided by four. So of course that restarted the argument of whether that's three fourths or what, and now we're on the brink of civil war again. So I just don't know.

Anyway, I think Moonlandia would make an awesome state. It pokes a stick in the eye of the United Nations, they're willing to take all of our nuclear waste, and you can totally see Russia from there. Depending on the time of day and cloud cover.