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hangin' it up for now
I've been really struggling with writing lately, as can be seen by my falling off from the daily grind. I'm going to stop doing it, for now at least.

Writing's been really important to me for the last few months. It's given me something to focus on during a pretty rough period. But I'm through the worst of that, and I find that I don't need to write anymore. Sometimes I want to write, but I don't need to write, if that makes sense.

I also really, really need to concentrate on my health more. The time I spend banging away at the keyboard is time that should be spent in a gym or doing food prep. The truth is, I've fallen into some terrible habits lately and they're going to kill me. So, I'm going to develop some new habits, and hopefully they will be as rewarding as daily writing has been.

I'll still write here on occasion, but probably not frequently. Thanks for reading.

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I feel incredibly lame because while you had the time to WRITE it all, I didn't have the time to READ it all, so I should be apologizing. What I did read really stuck with me. You are the man.

Thank you for writing, and than you for telling us why you're taking a break, and thank you for focusing on your health. We love you, and we want you around for a long time.

Ditto the above comments. Thank you for the writing, which has been much enjoyed. And for letting us know that it will be ceasing for excellent reasons. Good health to you.

Take care of yourself.

Oh, man, how dare you stop providing me with a valuable and hugely enjoyable service in return only for an occasional approving comment?

Ahem. Typo.

Seriously, though, thanks. You've brightened my days each time you've done this, and I'm grateful.

Take care of yourself. Writing is less important.

Edited at 2013-04-08 04:09 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent brain extrusions with us. And I wish you the best on improving your health and reaping those rewards.

thank you and good luck!

I appreciate what you've been writing. I appreciate that you've let it take over your life, as a stress valve and as a way to cope, and I feel very lucky that you do this oyster-like thing of turning toxic grit into gems.

Please do get on with the health thing. And write when you can, because you're damn good at it.

I've been enjoying your literary outpourings. I'm glad you found something positive to carry you through the tough times. I hope the focus on your health will bring you to a good place from where you'll be able to return to writing.

Sadness for us readers, as we won't get to enjoy your delicious brain-meats, but I'm glad you're in a better head space and taking care of yourself

I apologize for being out of the loop, I only just checked back in this week and saw! I had some creative plans at the start of the year myself that pretty quickly fell apart. But I have gotten out swimming now and then. I probably won't die just yet. That counts for something.

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