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hangin' it up for now
I've been really struggling with writing lately, as can be seen by my falling off from the daily grind. I'm going to stop doing it, for now at least.

Writing's been really important to me for the last few months. It's given me something to focus on during a pretty rough period. But I'm through the worst of that, and I find that I don't need to write anymore. Sometimes I want to write, but I don't need to write, if that makes sense.

I also really, really need to concentrate on my health more. The time I spend banging away at the keyboard is time that should be spent in a gym or doing food prep. The truth is, I've fallen into some terrible habits lately and they're going to kill me. So, I'm going to develop some new habits, and hopefully they will be as rewarding as daily writing has been.

I'll still write here on occasion, but probably not frequently. Thanks for reading.

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