January 22nd, 2007


This I Believe - NPR Essay

We live in uncertain times. Every day we are confronted with new things -- upheavals in the world, changes in technology, new music, new disasters, strange portents and omens. It sometimes appears that the world grows more complex by the hour, requiring more and more effort just to mark time and stay on top of what is going on around us.

In these times of chaos and confusion, I find the solidity of personal conviction to be a welcome oasis. The unwavering nature of belief can be an eye in the storm surrounding us -- the storm of science, politics, religion and opinion, its winds blowing in every direction, battering and disorienting us, causing us to doubt what we know, or think we know. Faith, however, is steady. Faith relies on no outside facts or figures; it stands alone. This is good, because there is no fact or figure that cannot be called into question. Today, black can be white, up is sometimes down, and left and right are frequently interchangeable. None of these things, however, can shake my certainty regarding the important principles in which I believe.

I believe we are filled with glue.

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