September 27th, 2007



When I was a student in college, I was not a good academic. I hated schoolwork and didn't apply myself nearly as much as I should have done. This was particularly true because, I quickly discovered, there are all kinds of opportunities for goofing around at college that are much more fun than schoolwork.

I spent much of the five years at Rice doing things unrelated to my studies. Some of the things I did, I am sorry to say, were illegal and unethical and I wish I had not done them. But, a few of the things I did were illegal and unethical and perfectly wonderful, and I am forever grateful I did them. One such thing is tunneling, which is shorthand for the practice of exploring the steam tunnels that underlie the campus of Rice University.

I am a self-made tunneler. Nobody taught me to do it. Here is how this happened.

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